Welcome To The Final Week Of Challenges!

Hey Challengers!

Thank you for completing the second week of challenges! As 21 Days To Change Team, we would like to thank and congratulate you for your participation.

Welcome to the final week of challenges. We hope the last few weeks have found you well, giving you great, new habits of living sustainably plus the chance to win one of our branded reusable kits. For the third and final week of challenges, we want you to prepare your own food at home and use reusable products to carry them back and forward. This way, you’ll not only have the chance to save the environment by reducing your plastic usage but also will save some money via this habit in the long term. By completing the final challenge, you’ll have your last chance to win one of our fancy branded bottles to carry your drinks in style from now on! Want to know how? Keep reading!

Fun Fact #3 (To explore the first fun fact, please refer to previous blog posts). – UK plastic packaging waste is expected to increase by 22% between 2018 and 2030. However, as we always state, the change is in our hands and choosing not to utilise plastic will force the supermarkets to produce less of them anyway.

We can do it! Start engaging with us now!

How To Win a New Fancy Thermos?
After every week’s challenges, we will handpick a few lucky winners who continuously engaged with our challenges and share their experiences of completing them via Instagram and tagging us. It’s pretty easy, right? To be one of the lucky winners who’ll win a 21DaysToChange embroidered reusable bottle, start doing the challenges and don’t forget to tag us.

Have fun saving the world and enjoying your new sustainable habits!


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