The First Challenge Is Around The Corner!

Hello Everyone,

It’s finally time! The first week of challenges is here! Drumrolls, please!!!!!

This week, we are inviting you to join our Refill Your Day challenge. The world we are living in today has a huge obstacle to overcome. Single-use plastic usage is increasing every year. This is creating an immense threat to the future of our planet. Unfortunately, as an example, total plastic packaging utilised by UK supermarkets has increased by 17 tonnes from 2017 to 2018 (EIA, 2019).

Refill your day

Accordingly, throughout this week of challenges, we invite you to stop buying plastic bottles. Instead, use thermoses and refillable bottles to reduce your plastic usage. For this week, we challenge you to refill your bottle whenever you feel thirsty and avoid purchasing any form of plastic bottles. Alternatively, try using thermoses or use one of your old plastic bottles to refill. Don’t own a refillable bottle? No problem. Keep reading to find out how to win yours.

Fun Fact #1

Luckily, A growing number of companies are trying and expanding their reusable, refillable ranges. However, the numbers are still considerably low compared to single-use plastic production.

How To Win a New Fancy Refillable Bottle?

After every week’s challenges, we will handpick a few lucky winners who continuously engaged with our challenges and share their experiences of completing them via Instagram and tagging us. It’s pretty easy, right? To be one of the lucky winners who’ll win a 21DaysToChange embroidered reusable bottle, start doing the challenges and don’t forget to tag us.

Have fun saving the world and enjoying your new reusable bottles!


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